Certified organic, so you trust you are only getting juicy berry goodness

100% certified organic vegetables... just like your grandparents used to grow

Grown right here in New Zealand... so you can enjoy your homegrown berry fix all year round

30 seconds away from goodness – Smoothie bases packed with all you need and nothing you don’t

Made with Heart

Honest frozen produce, that’s what Goodness Kitchen stands for and we’re here to make it easy for New Zealanders to eat well.

Nourishing the Environment

Working WITH mother nature, not against her.
Bees! Natures super workers. Organic farming simply means working in harmony with the environment to nurture and promote biodiversity and long term sustainable ecosystems.
Harnessing the power of soil. Organic crop planting helps the rebuilding of degraded soil health caused by industrial over-farming and chemical spraying.
Keeping our waterways clean. Organic farming doesn’t use any artificial chemicals, this means there is no chance of harmful runoff of artificial fertilisers and herbicides in rivers and water catchments.